Parking Brakes, when to use them and when not too.

Mason Shields, August 17 2018

What does the parking brake do? In road vehicles, the parking brake is used to keep the vehicle stationary and, in many cases, also perform an emergency stop. Parking brakes on older cars often consisted of a cable connected to the rear brakes and the other end to a pulling mechanism which is operated with the driver's hand or foot. The mechanism m...

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Tips to help your battery last longer

Mason Shields, July 3 2018

Make sure its terminal connections are clean, snug and protected from the elements. Corrosion on the battery terminals can block the flow of electricity through the battery.  That can cause the starter to have to pull more amps to crank the engine over and cause the alternator to have to work harder to charge the battery.  Corroded terminals will a...

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Tips to maximize A/C efficiency

Mason Shields, June 19 2018

Its that time of year again.  It's hot outside, and it's really hot inside your car.  Here are some tips to help you’re A/C work better. Park in Shade It may sound insignificant, but one way to start to minimize the AC’s work is by parking in a shaded spot if you’ll be away from your car for the entire afternoon. No matter how hot it gets throughou...

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